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Commercial Property Owners

Who is the policy designed for?
Our Commercial Property Owners policy is designed to meet the needs of Commercial entities, partnerships and private individuals established in the United Kingdom.

These entities & Landlords will usually own a premises where there is a commercial occupation of their premises and require material damage coverage to their buildings.

Key coverage available

  • Up to GBP10,000,000 for each location in regard to Property & Loss of Rent sums insured
  • Property Owners Liability up to GBP10,000,000
  • Loss of rent, alternative accommodate, increased cost of working and the cost of re-letting
  • Employers Liability GBP10,000,000
  • Property Owners Legal Expenses
  • Optional Terrorism cover

Features and benefits

  • We have a broad appetite and can insure single or multi-site properties
  • Quotation requests through our Portal are normally quoted on the same day
  • Accidental and malicious damage cover as standard
  • Trace and Access cover as standard up to a limit of GBP250,000
  • The cost of temporary repairs following damage up to GBP25,000
  • Replacement of locks up to a limit of GBP25,000
  • Removal of Wasps nest and vermin infestation


·       Standard GBP500


·       Lloyds of London

To discuss further
For more information or to talk through an enquiry with an underwriter, call us on: 01455 243820 or contact us by email underwriting@favershamunderwriting.com

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