Faversham Underwriting


Fair value assessments refer to the process of evaluating insurance products to ensure they offer reasonable value to customers in terms of benefits, costs, and overall suitability.

Fair Value Assesments

At Faversham, in order to determine whether our Products deliver Fair Value, alongside Insurers assessments and product reviews, we carry out our own Fair Value Assessments

The product assessments take into account:

• The value of the product (including core and any add-ons)
• The impact of the distribution on value (commission, fees, any add-ons, any premium finance)
• The impact of any service on value.

We monitor and review products on a regular basis to ensure that our products continue to provide Fair Value

Legal Expenses

Exclusive sale via FCA intermediaries; online portal for quotes, documentation.

Contractors All Risks

Product exclusively offered through FCA-approved intermediaries with online access.

Combined Liability

UK SMEs, often off-site work, heightened liability risk, safety awareness needed.

Commercial Combined Property

Product assessed for market fit and liability coverage suitability.
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